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Wooks Sinhala School is the only online school dedicated to teaching Sinhala language for children living outside of Sri Lanka. Our objective is to foster and protect the Sinhala language worldwide.

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Online classes

Online Classes

Once a week, a one-hour class will be conducted on Zoom. All our teachers are specially trained to teach Sri Lankan childing abroad and use both English and Sinhala languages to conduct classes. You can view some of our sample classes below.

Welcome pack

Welcome Pack

All registered children will receive a free gift pack which includes a “Hodi potha” and activity books. We will be shipping them to your registered address through international post. No additional fee is charged.

Wooks E - Library

Wooks E - Library

Our stories are available in Sinhala and English languages. The library is accessible through tablet and laptop computers. All registered children will receive free access to the Wooks E-library. You can view some of our sample books below.

Activity Sheets

Activity Sheets

Before every class, we will provide you with specially designed activity sheets. These activity sheets can help your child to engage more actively with our teachers.

Fun activities

Fun activities

To allow children to fully immerse themselves in language learning, we integrate storytelling, craft building and other activities to ensure a more holistic learning experience.

Engaging parents

Examinations and progress reports

Every three months, a written and an oral examination will be conducted and progress report of the child's performance will be provided to the parents. In addition, a parent's meeting is held after the progress check individually between the teacher and the parent to discuss the progress of the student.


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Welcome Pack!

All registered students will receive a free welcome pack of books which includes 6 Activity Books and a Hodi Potha. These books will be used by the teacher when teaching in the class. Book pack will be shipped directly to you through international post at no additional cost.

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Activity Sheets

Activity sheets - prepared specially for every class

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Wooks Digital Children's library e-library is the only online Sinhala Digital children's book library on the internet. Launched in 2020, it has over 20,000 readers worldwide. All students in Wooks Sinhala School will get free access to the Wooks digital library.

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We Will Teach Kids How To Speak Sinhala

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